Hiring A Full Stack Developer: Should Know Before Outsource

Fullstack developers, things to know before hiring

Who Are Full Stack Developers?




Why Companies Need a Full-Stack Developer?

  • Tech Lead (or CTO)
  • Product Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Senior Developer

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Full-Stack Developer?

How To Hire Full-Stack Developers For Your Project?

Frontend Fundamentals:-

Backend Fundamentals:-

Full-Stack Developers by the Stack:

Project Management:-

Ability to Multitask:-

User Experience Design:-

Knowledge about Databases:-

Web App Architecture:-

Questions To Ask:-

  • How experienced are you working with this stack?
  • Explain your job duties on your previous project?
  • What programming languages are you comfortable with?
  • Name some tools to test the code
  • Describe a time when you suggested improving something on the project?
  • What is meant by Continuous Integration?
  • How do you keep yourself updated about the new and upcoming trends in the industry?
  • List the technologies and languages would you need to develop a project from scratch?
  • What is the best implementation or debugging you have done recently?
  • What’s the biggest programming challenge you have come across?
  • State a mistake you did in any of your previous projects? How did you rectify it?
  • Explain Inversion of Control.
  • What is the difference between GraphQL and REST?
  • List some common ways we can reduce the load time of a web application?
  • What steps are to be taken when a code shows an error?
  • Describe a situation when you faced a conflict with your co-worker?

Where to Find Full-Stack Developers?

Types To Hire Full-Stack Developers:

Local Hiring:-

Nearshore Hiring:-

Offshore Hiring:-

Why Hire Dedicated Full-Stack Developers From Soft Suave?

Concluding Remarks:




I’m Veera S — who is working as a digital marketer. I love writing blogs and publishing blogs.

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Veera S

Veera S

I’m Veera S — who is working as a digital marketer. I love writing blogs and publishing blogs.

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